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Paid Advertising.

Get more results from your advertising campaigns.

Looking to invest in paid search, display and social advertising? Or simply think you can get more out of your campaigns? We offer paid advertising consultancy to help you get more from the money you invest. 

At Ctrl Marketing, we take the time to understand the whole picture. Why you are looking to invest in paid advertising and how this might work in relation to your overall marketing strategy, your SEO and your sales funnels.

Then, utilising our insights and experience we work with you to develop result focused campaigns which we continuously monitor, track and report on to ensure you get full visibility on your performances.

Supporting you on all the best platforms.

Whether you’re looking for paid search, display advertising or paid campaigns on Facebook or Instragram, we’re here to help you take your results to the next level.

ROI-focused ad campaigns.

Working as your paid ads agency, we take care of the design, creation, management and reporting of your advertising campaigns to allow you to achieve better insights and better results.

Focused on getting more out of your investments, we make use of our insights and experience in the advertising domain to ensure your ads perform.

🔍 Search Advertising

We identify the best keywords to bid for, those that are most relevant to your business but will also produce results based on your budget.

🖼️ Display Advertising

Take your advertising to another level with display ads and reach users based on their interest, search history and demographics.

📱 Social Advertising

Linking your social campaigns and analytics to your overall digital marketing strategy, we create compelling campaigns that catch the eye of your target audience.

Frequently asked questions.

Yes! Paid advertising doesn’t always have to be an expensive business. There are ways to optimise ads for smaller budgets too. With a clear strategy, a targeted message and a defined niche audience it is possible to get great results from paid advertising campaigns, even with small budgets.

If you’d like to discuss further, feel free to contact us!

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