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When it comes to SEO, there’s no secrets or tricks to elevating your website’s rankings. The key to success lies in understanding and keeping up to date with the latest search engine algorithm changes and in turn implementing these into your website. That is what we do.​

Taking the time to first understanding your business goals, we’ll analyse your website in its current state and produce a report before then devising a clear strategy in accordance with your goals whether they are visits, leads, sales or relationship marketing.​

Following the ever-changing best practices we’ll work with you to implement changes to your website and in time improve your position, raise conversion rates, boost traffic and lower bounce rates. 

The technologies we use to improve your SEO performances.

Each project we take on is unique with its own potential and its own challenges, as a result of that one platform might be better to use than other. Hence why we prefer not to restrict ourselves to just one tool, instead following initial discussions with our clients we will decide which platform will be best suited. Here are some of the platforms we use.
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Yoast SEO
Google Ads

How our SEO experts help you improve your google rankings.

🔍 Keyword Research

Based on search volume and difficulty as well as your offering, we research keywords which will allow your site to best reach your target audience. 

🖋️ On-Site Content

Relevant and quality content is key to the success of any website and directly impacts how Google ranks your site. We make sure your website content is aligned to your offering and targeted towards your desired search terms.

🏷️ Meta Data

Meta Data including Page Titles, Descriptions, Tags and Keywords are key to how your website will appear in Google. We research, analyse and implement these to help your site perform to the best of its potential.

🔗 Link Building

Link building is an integral part of any SEO strategy. We work to increase the number and the quality of inbound links to your website to boost its authority and improve its search engine rankings.

📰 Blogging

We work with you to create relevant blog posts to provide useful and insightful information to your users. This helps keep your website fresh as well as target a different range of keywords.

🏎️ Site Performance

Site performance and security are important factors in Google’s indexation process. We look to improve code, compress images and make sure your website performs to the best of standards.

Client Testimonials.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Process.

With every SEO project we take on we start off with an in-depth SEO audit. This first phase is crucial as it gives us insights as to how your website is currently performing and also allows us to analyse your targeted search terms as well as your competitors. 

Website Audit

Finally, once we have completed your keyword research and competitor analysis, we turn to your website. Here we focus solely on your website’s performances and areas such as your website speed, site structure, schema mark-up, structured data, user experience, internal linking and most importantly, your content.

Keyword Research

Looking at your keywords, we will work to identify relevant search queries, both ‘long-tail keywords’ and ‘short-tail keywords’ which relate to your products or services and for which you can realistically rank for. The premise behind this is that whilst some ‘short-tail keywords’ may be the most searched terms, ‘long-tail keywords’ will help drive more targeted traffic into your sales funnel, therefore generating a quicker retunr on your search marketing spend.

Competitor Analysis

As for your competitor analysis, we will analyse why search engines may be rewarding them and look to understand how their content is performing whilst also examining their backlink profile. This allows to outline strategies to develop your content and attract similar high quality backlinks to improve your rankings.

Site Optimisation

In the first instance, we make sure your site has an HTPPS certificate installed and look to improve your server response time and speed by optimising your caching. Then, we look to optimise your content management system, ensuring your plugins are not causing any issues, that they eliminate render-blocking resources, remove unused CSS and reduce JavaScript execution time properly. Equally, we analyse the structure of your site to ensure your content is grouped together properly, is displayed adequately to your visitors and therefore is a relevant result in the eyes of search engines.

Utilising the results from our audit and information from Google Analytics, we will implement any UX and structural changes to your website to make sure you content is displayed in the best of ways in an easy-to-digest format for your visitors.

SEO Content

The content of your website is the most crucial element of your website when it comes to search engine rankings. Following the results of your SEO audit, we look to optimise and develop the content of your key pages to incorporate your newly established keyword strategy.

On a quarterly basis, we create a content calendar, outlining new pages to be created and improvements to current content. This allows us to progressively develop your keywords whilst monitoring the performances of your various pages in search results. 

Working closely with you we may also look to plan out flagship pieces of content and blogs, built to attract links to your website and target precise keywords. This of course is developed with you to ensure that at all times the content created fits within your brand identity and is suitable for your market.

Link Building

Backlinks and authority building are fundamental to Google’s indexation algorithm, the more backlinks and the better quality a website has the more chances it has to rank well in result pages. 

To increase your backlinks and the authority of your site, we consider all the effective strategies including guest posting, finding broken links on other sites and replacing them with links to your site as well as the ‘skyscraper’ method of utilising competitors content and rewriting it ‘bigger, better, newer’.

SEO Reporting

Transparency and accountability to the client are integral to our SEO process and key to the success of our work. Working closely with you we are always available to answer your questions or update you on the progress of your website. At the end of each month, we provide you with a performance report, this gives you a full update on the your website’s SEO performances and key performance indicators. 

With every client and every project comes a different set of goals, therefore every report is suited to the needs of each client meaning we truly focus on the performance indicators that matter for your project.

Frequently asked questions.

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a digital marketing strategy which englobes all the practices aiming to optimise a given website in order to increase traffic to this site through organic search engine results.

SEO is a key digital marketing acquisition tool for all companies to generate business. A well optimised website can draw quality traffic and generate new leads and customers. 

Ctrl’s SEO team provide our customers with expert advice and insights to create effective SEO strategies and help them increase their visibility online.

It depends… At Ctrl we offer monthly plan which you can check out here. However, we also understand that each project has different requirements so we prefer to discuss each project before giving you an indication of the cost. 

Just drop us a message if you’d like to get an idea for your project.

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